We are a family owned business that understands the importance of being environmentally responsible and family budgets. With asthma and allergies anything in the air can affect you. Dirt and dust get stuck under your carpet and with every step you bring dust up into the air. That is why we are offering a Eco-friendly alternative to Carpet Cleaning.

Our products are plant derived and have live enzymes to destroy bacteria that cause odors. Our powerful machine will clean deep down into your carpets and release that dirt so it can be extracted and leave your carpets fresh and clean. Our products are All Natural and will leave your house smelling fresh and your carpets clean, and more importantly, safe for your baby to crawl on.

Since our products are safe for the environment and bio-degradable you will have no residue left in your carpets for the new dirt to bond to- thus keeping your carpets cleaner longer!

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"Elite Eco Solutions is committed to providing excellent customer service to their clients. As a property manager, I have worked with several different companies but Elite Eco Solutions is by far one of the best companies I've had the pleasure to work with. Very prompt, reasonable and thorough! Highly recommend!"
- Megan


We use a 7 step cleaning process to ensure your carpets come out clean and fresh.  Our cleaning system is proven to remove dirt effectively and fully restore your carpets.

Step One

Inspect Carpet

We thoroughly check your carpet for any damage and stains that may require special attention and treatment.


Deep-Clean Vacuum

We use a special vacuum that pulls all of the dirt from deep in the carpet as the base of the pile.


Address Stains & Spills

Some stains in carpets need some extra attention and we give them what they ask for.  Even stains that may have been set for years have a chance!



This initial spray on the carpet helps to loosen dirt and oils from the fibers.

Step Five

Agitate & Sweep

We use a carpet broom to "sweep" across the carpet that agitates each fiber.  This helps to ensure deep penetration of the cleaning solution.

Step Six

Extract & Sanitize

We steam clean your carpets at 210+ Degrees which helps to remove the oils and grease that have been released from the carpet with our cleaning solution.

Step Seven


With a thorough wash, it is only natural your carpet should be combed!  This helps to stand up the fibers so that your carpet dries much faster.  The average surface drying time is 2 hours.

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